Please note: all times are in Korea time.

Monday, November 15, 2021

7:00 - 7:05 Welcome and opening
7:05 - 8:17 Session 1: Anonymous Communications (Chair: Haehyun Cho)

ZXAD: High-volume Attack Mitigation for Tor
Akshaya Mani and Ian Goldberg

Plausible Deniability for Anonymous Communication
Christiane Kuhn, Maximilian Noppel, Christian Wressnegger and Thorsten Strufe

MiXiM: Mixnet design decisions and empirical evaluation
Iness Ben Guirat, Devashish Gosain and Claudia Diaz

Studying the anonymity trilemma with a discrete-event mix network simulator
Ania Piotrowska

Attacks on Onion Discovery and Remedies via Self-Authenticating Traditional Addresses
Paul Syverson, Matthew Finkel, Saba Eskandarian and Dan Boneh

Do you feel a chill? Using PIR against chilling effects for censorship-resistant publishing
Miti Mazmudar, Stan Gurtler and Ian Goldberg

8:17 - 8:22 Break
8:22 - 9:26 Session 2: Privacy Policies and User Perception (Chair: Dokyung Song)

(Un)clear and (In)conspicuous: The right to opt-out of sale under CCPA
Sean O'Connor, Ryan Nurwono, Aden Siebel and Eleanor Birrell

Fighting the Fog: Evaluating the Clarity of Privacy Disclosures in the Age of CCPA
Rex Chen, Fei Fang, Thomas Norton, Aleecia M. McDonald and Norman Sadeh

TLDR: Deep Learning-Based Automated Privacy Policy Annotation with Key Policy Highlights
Abdulrahman Alabduljabbar, Ahmed Abusnaina, Ulku Meteriz and David Mohaisen

From Secure to Military-Grade: Exploring the Effect of App Descriptions on User Perceptions of Secure Messaging
Omer Akgul, Ruba Abu-Salma, Wei Bai, Elissa M. Redmiles, Michelle L. Mazurek and Blase Ur

9:26 - 9:50 Break
9:50 - 10:58 Session 3: Online Tracking and Censorship (Chair: Paul Syverson)

OUStralopithecus: Overt User Simulation for Censorship Circumvention
Anna Harbluk Lorimer, Lindsey Tulloch, Cecylia Bocovich and Ian Goldberg

In-Depth Technical and Legal Analysis of Tracking on Health Related Websites with ERNIE Extension
Vera Wesselkamp, Imane Fouad, Cristiana Santos, Yanis Boussad, Nataliia Bielova and Arnaud Legout

The Elephant in the Background: A Quantitative Approach to Empower Users Against Web Browser Fingerprinting
Julian Fietkau, Kashyap Thimmaraju, Felix Kybranz, Sebastian Neef and Jean-Pierre Seifert

Who Tracks the Trackers? Circumventing Apple's Anti-Tracking Alerts in the Find My Network
Travis Mayberry, Ellis Fenske, Dane Brown, Jeremy Martin, Christine Fossaceca, Erik Rye and Lucas Foppe

Cookie Banners, What's the Purpose? Analyzing Cookie Banner Text Through a Legal Lens
Cristiana Teixeira Santos, Arianna Rossi, Lorena Sánchez Chamorro, Kerstin Bongard-Blanchy and Ruba Abu-Salma

10:58 - 11:03 Break
11:03 - 12:11 Session 4: Data Leakage and Personalization (Chair: Hyungjoon Koo)

Empirical Analysis and Privacy Implications in OAuth-based Single Sign-On Systems
Srivathsan G. Morkonda, Sonia Chiasson and Paul C. van Oorschot

SIA: Smartwatch-Enabled Inference Attacks on Physical Keyboards Using Acoustic Signals
Ulku Meteriz, Necip Fazil Yildiran and David Mohaisen

Private Data Exfiltration from Cyber-Physical Systems using Channel State Information
Thomas Burton and Kasper Rasmussen

What a SHAME: Smart Assistant Voice Command Fingerprinting Utilizing Deep Learning
Jack Hyland, Conrad Schneggenburger, Nick Lim, Jake Ruud, Nate Mathews and Matthew Wright

Who's Most Targeted and Does My New Adblocker Really Help: A Profile-based Evaluation of Personalized Advertising
Sofia Bertmar, Johanna Gerhardsen, Alice Ekblad, Anna Höglund, Julia Mineur, Isabell Öknegård Enavall, Minh-Ha Le and Niklas Carlsson

12:11 Closing